BF Dungeons

BLAST FANTASY Dungeons are ingeniously crafted to cater to diverse player strategies and risk appetites, offering a nuanced approach to earning rewards. Each Dungeon presents a unique combination of difficulty and rewards, creating a comprehensive and dynamic staking environment.

To provide a clearer understanding of our Dungeons, here are five examples with adjusted parameters for expected difficulty, rewards and success probability:

Athena's Wisdom

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Rewards:

  • Description: Just as Athena is the goddess of wisdom, this pool offers a high chance of success for those who strategize wisely, ideal for beginners or cautious players.

Hermes' Fleet

  • Difficulty: Moderately Easy

  • Rewards: ★★

  • Description: A balanced choice for those seeking relatively high returns with manageable risk.

Ares' Valor

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Rewards: ★★★

  • Description: For players aiming for a decent risk-reward ratio, offering moderate returns with fair success chances.

Poseidon's Tide

  • Difficulty: Moderately Hard

  • Rewards: ★★★★

  • Description: Targets more experienced players willing to take on challenges for higher potential earnings.

Hades' Abyss

  • Difficulty: Hard

  • Rewards: ★★★★★

  • Description: Perfect for thrill-seekers and high rollers, offering the highest APY at the risk of the lowest success probability.

The innovative dynamic staking model of BLAST FANTASY allows for fluctuating rewards, enabling players to strategize based on the balance between potential earnings and success probabilities. This model encourages active participation and strategic planning, ensuring that there is a suitable Dungeon for every type of player within the BLAST FANTASY ecosystem. *Specifications are subject to change.

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