BF Quests

In BLAST FANTASY, BF Quests offer a unique and interactive way to engage with the game's ecosystem. In BF Quests, users can utilize their BF Quest Tickets to challenge various dungeons. First, they select Character NFTs, lock in items and tokens, choose a dungeon, and then engage in battles with monsters and bosses within that dungeon.

BF Dungeons

Each Dungeon within BF Quests presents its own set of variables, including difficulty levels and rewards. These factors require players to strategize not only which pool to participate in but also which NFTs to deploy based on the potential return on investment and the risk involved.

Influencing Success Probabilities

The chance of success in any given quest is influenced by several factors:

  • NFT: Higher-ranked and level NFTs may offer better success rates or rewards.

  • Boosts: Players can utilize boosts to increase their chances of success.

  • BF Quest Ticket Amounts: The amount of BF Quest Ticket can also affect success probabilities and rewards.

Success Rewards

Success rewards are intricately designed to reflect the level of challenge and strategic investment players put into each quest. Rewards vary not only in quantity but also in type, based on the difficulty of the BF Dungeons selected. Players can receive a range of rewards including ETH, USDC, $BFT (BLAST FANTASY Tokens), NFTs, Blast Points and BF Points.

Strategic Engagement

BF Quests are designed to deepen the player's engagement with the BLAST FANTASY ecosystem. Through careful selection of Dungeons and strategic deployment of NFTs, players are invited to explore a world where their decisions directly impact their success and rewards. This system fosters a community of players who are not just participants but active contributors to the ecosystem's vibrancy and diversity.

BF Quests in BLAST FANTASY redefine the boundaries between gaming and finance, offering a richly strategic and rewarding experience. As we continue to develop and expand the BF Quests system, including the introduction of third-party pools, we remain committed to providing our players with an immersive, engaging, and financially empowering environment.

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