BF Staking

In BF Staking, user can choose a pool for either ETH or USDB and stake using the current Blast yield rates. Besides the staking itself, you can also earn rewards such as BF Quest Tickets, BFP, BFT, and Items.

Stake 0.1 ETH (or an equivalent amount of USDB) for 24 hours to earn one BF Quest Ticket (with a maximum of 10 tickets per 24 hours) and 1 BFP.

Expansion to Third-Party Staking Pools

A significant upcoming feature of BF Staking is the integration with third-party staking pools. This expansion will not only diversify the staking opportunities available to players but also enhance the decentralization of the gaming experience. By allowing players to stake in pools outside of those directly provided by BLAST FANTASY, we are opening up a wider array of strategic options and potential rewards.

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