BLAST FANTASY incorporates a rich array of NFTs into its ecosystem, including Character NFTs, Accessory NFTs, and Key NFTs, each serving distinct purposes and adding layers of strategy and engagement for players.

Character NFTs

These are the main NFTs used within BLAST FANTASY, pivotal for participation in BF Quests and PvP battles. Character NFTs come with varying degrees of rarity (Unique, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon) and elemental attributes (Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark). Each attribute has unique characteristics, and the rarity level significantly influences the NFT's stats, affecting its performance in quests and battles.

Accessory NFTs

Designed to be equipped by characters, Accessory NFTs enhance stats and can increase success rates in BF Quests among other benefits. This layer of customization allows players to tailor their strategy and optimize their characters' performance.

Key NFTs

These NFTs are planned to offer special privileges and rewards, providing additional value and incentives for players to explore and engage with the BLAST FANTASY ecosystem.

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